SC500 DGPS Transmitter


  • RSIM/Transfer Control System
  • Meets FCC & USCG requirements
  • Built-in Battery Standby
  • 24 Binary Control States
  • 40 Binary Monitor States


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SC500 DGPS Transmitter

SC500 DGPS TransmitterThis Differential GPS transmitter has carrier power adjustable from 50 to 500 watts. The transmitter uses switching technology in the power amplifiers and modulator/regulator modules resulting in a highly efficient system in a relatively small package.

The exciter portion consists of an interface for a 283.5 to 325 kHz input signal 0-15 dBm and a monitor circuit.

The power portion of each transmitter consists of an independent 500 watt system. Each system has an output filter, a switching power amplifier, and switching modulator/regulator.

The SC500 has the ability to operate with dual antennas and ATU's. Antenna selection is either done locally or through a RSIM command.

The SC500 Dual consists of two independent SC500 transmitters and an Automatic Transfer Unit / RSIM Controller designed for mounting in a standard 19 inch rack cabinet.

For use with the PC.5Kilo Antenna Tuning Unit.

Also, below is the list of SC200 / 500 attributes that are improvements over the SC1000...

The new SC has a number of features:

  • Universal Input power supply. No setting jumpers for different parts of the world.
  • New switching power supplies make the new SC much lighter than the old SC
  • The front panel LCD gives the customers immediate feedback on the operation of the transmitter
  • Ethernet helps the customer monitor and control the system from multiple remote terminals or virtually any computer in the world using Internet.
  • New shielded RF assemblies and coaxial relays help the new SC meet more stringent requirements.
  • New sealed membrane keyboard with 10,000,000 key-press capability replaces old keys that got dirty.
  • New external Analog Inputs gives customers access to external signal monitoring at transmitter site.
  • New microprocessor "heartbeat circuit" monitors system operation to comply with CAP670 requirements
  • More powerful Renesas Microcontroller gives customers greater flexibility on operations
  • New modern indoor enclosure has greater EMC capability and smoked glass front door