34 Foot Mast Antennas

The 34 ft. self-supporting LF/MF antenna has capacitive top loading and inductive center loading. It is designed for use where land area is at a premium and low frequency operation is desired. A perimeter wire around the top hat radius enables the antenna to reach all frequencies desired. It is easy to install with one person.

Easy to install by one person, the 34' (11m) mast has proven strength, performance and long-term durability and is designed for many years of uninterrupted service in the harsh offshore environment.

As a test, we left a 34 foot mast installed in our Antenna Test Field during Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike. Sustained winds were 120 mph (196 km/hr) and 110 mph (180km/h) respectively. In both cases the antenna survived without damage.

34 foot mast installedLand Installation
P/N SLF10014


  • Frequency: 190 – 1800 Khz
  • Capacitance: 200 pF typical
  • Power: 100 Watts at 190 KHz
  • Height: 34 feet
  • Radial diameter: 16 feet
  • Wind Rating: 100 mph
Offshore Installation 
P/N SLF10015