Southern Avionics Company is a supplier of select navigation and radio communication equipment - in the business of satisfying our customers, taking care of our employees, and growing our company for success.



We support the open sharing of ideas, suggestions and needs.

We promote coordinated communications that strengthen the company and build trust among all employees.

We use clear and consistent communication of plans and goals to align the organization.

People Development:

We train and educate our employees to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage for the organization while promoting self-improvement.

Operational Excellence:

We value growth and profitability through operational excellence by employing the most efficient and cost-effective work processes without sacrificing our quality standards.


We demonstrate our commitment to quality by providing timely support & services and superior products with no "out-of-box" failures experienced by our customers and end-users.

We expect the same level of quality and customer satisfaction among our internal customers by providing timely, accurate and complete work products.


We treat all employees and customers in a professional and ethical manner.

We provide consistency in products, services, policies and communications.

We believe in the integrity of each individual to perfom their job to the highest level possible for success.


We uphold and enhance our legacy of over 50 years of delivering exceptional quality, value and customer experience through our daily actions.