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Offshore NDB Repair and Upgrade

Posted by Tara Trevino on Tue, Jan 21, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

offshore ndb repairThe Client

The client was a long term offshore Southern Avionics client with a SA100 NDB system.

The Challenge

The client wanted their existing SA100 NDB system repaired. The challenge was to determine what repairs needed to be made and to develop an action plan for the least possible cost to the client.

The Solution

Southern Avionics’ engineers were sent to the vessel docked in Galveston, TX to perform an evaluation of the existing system. Upon inspection, the engineers decided to bring the SA NDB back to SAC’s factory for testing. The engineers also found that the existing helipad antenna was near the end of its life and needed to be replaced.

After determining the cost of repair for the SA NDB, the customer was informed that it would be nearly the same price to fix the unit than it would be to buy a new SE NDB. Ultimately the client chose to buy a new SE system because of:

  • Price
  • Increased reliability
  • Minimum time between no operation
  • Ease of monitoring and control 

Southern Avionics engineers returned to the vessel to extract the old equipment and install the new SE NDB and helipad antenna. All of these upgrades were completed in just a few hours.

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