Portable NDB

portable ndb

The Transportable NDB System is designed for simplicity in transportation, quick installation, and minimum space and operational requirements. It is also designed to meet CE requirements.

Potential uses include temporary installations at austere landing zones. The system is utilized while erecting new or replacing old NDB systems.

The system consists of 2 sub-assemblies:

  • Portable Antenna
  • Portable NDB (SE125 transmitter) and ATU (PC1000C/3 coupler)


The system can be assembled in its entirety by 2 men in two (2) hours. The radiators and guy wires are attached to the antenna then the antenna is telescoped vertically into position. The  ripod assemblies for the Antenna and Transmitter/ATU are identical for ease of installation and minimizing spare parts inventory.

Ensure a flat area is selected for installation. The amount of available ground space required for full assembly is a circle with a diameter of 72ft (22m). The Antenna, Transmitter and ATU are colocated to minimize required space.


The Antenna tripod is contained in a duplicate easily transportable case also used for the ATU and NDB tripod. Two small cargo bags are also included for the guy lines and radiator elements.

These include all the necessary equipment for installation. The sub-assemblies included are:

  • Mast Tripod (P/N: SLM77255)
  • Mast Guy line
  • Radiator Elements

The NDB and ATU each have a case of their own. Units are easily attached to the portable tripod on site. The NDB and ATU’s tripod is transported in a case identical to the antennas.