Additional Equipment for NDB and DGPS Transmitters

Site Spares Spares kits will save time and money on repairs. 

MR-5 Monitor/Alarm Receivers MR-5 Monitor Receiver w/ Loop Antenna

Load Center/Battery Charger Systems A battery charger is a sound investment in the security of your system during power failures.

Serial Interfaces: RS232 & RS458 Southern Avionics can supply you with the type of serial adapter you require.


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Anti-Ice Insulator System For Symmetrical "T" Antennas

Obstruction Lights For Symmetrical "T" Antenna supports

Antenna Simulator An antenna simulator is bench test equipment used to simulate the effect of various antenna loads when calibrating and troubleshooting the Antenna Tuning Unit and Transmitter.
Note: Not required for routine operation

Test Load A test load is technician's bench test equipment used to simulate the 50 Ohm effect of the antenna tuning unit when calibrating and troubleshooting Transmitter.
Note: Not required for routine operation.

.IP66 Cabinet SAC equipment cabinets carry a rating of IP66, keeping your electronic equipment dust-tight and dry in the strongest storms to provide maximum security against equipment damage.

Audio PWB for Voice Transmission Allows external voice modulation

Installation Kit The Installation Kit is designed for use with 25G Symmetrical “T” Support Towers and Mast Antennas. It includes installation fixture, pulley assembly, rope and hand tools to raise and assemble 10 ft / 3m tower sections.  

Support Towers SAC support towers are made for use with SAC Symmetrical “T” Antennas. 

Test Equipment Kit The Recommended Tool & Test Equipment Kit is used for maintenance and set up of all SAC equipment.