10m Fiberglass Whip Antenna



The 10m Fiberglass Whip Antenna is a self supporting fiberglass transmitting antenna with side feed for marine NDB applications. Polyurethane lacquer finish (white).

It can be used in conjunction with a SAC PC-1000C/3 Antenna Tuning Unit and SE125 NDB Transmitter, with the addition of PCBs Filter Bridge M-Band Module (500 – 1250 kHz, SLE45210) and Filter Bridge H-Band Module (1500 – 1800 kHz, SLE45220). Using all the modules, a frequency range of 280 - 1800 kHz can be achieved.

The 10m Antenna comes with a bronze flange for mounting. It can also be mounted directly to the deck. Optionally, it can be mounted with a tilting mechanism.



SLF10078 SDF10078_A-1SLF10078 SDF10078_A zoom-1