Remote Control Unit and Connection Options

The addition of the Remote Control to the Radiobeacon Control System involves the installation of a Remote Radiobeacon Control Unit at the remote control site, and connection of either RS-232 or RS-485 from the transmitter. The RCU can be linked by RS485 or RS232 from the transmitter or daisy chain multiple RCU's maximum length.

The RCU is also designed for indoor mounting in a standard 19 inch cabinet. Panel height is 9 in. (22cm), panel depth is 8 in (21cm), and width is 19 in. (48cm).


Remote Control Unit Connection Options

The Transmitter can be monitored and controlled by the Remote Control Unit over the user’s LAN, through fiber optic wire, or via Radio Link. Our control and monitoring options for the Remote Control Unit are easy to set up and operate. The Remote Control Unit can also be used in conjunction with our Web Watch software. This enables you to monitor and operate your system from virtually anywhere. We have several connection options to fit your project’s needs.

Remote Control RS485 to ST MM Fiber Converter

The Remote Control RS485 to ST MM Fiber Converter allows the Remote Control Unit to be connected to the SAC Transmitter over Multi Mode Fiber.

The user is given control and monitoring from a distance of 1.3 miles (2km) via the Remote Control Unit (not included).

SLF83319 remote control RS485 to ST MM Fiber Converter resized 600

RS485/RS232 to Ethernet Serial for RCU

This system allows the Remote Control Unit (RCU) monitoring and partial control of the transmitter via the user’s Local Area Network. 

When used in conjunction with the Ethernet Radio Link option SLF83304, the Transmitter and RCU can be monitored over a wireless network (SE System Remote Control Over Ethernet Radio Link-SLF83323)

SLF83322 RS485RS232 to ethernet serial for rcu, SE Series

SE System Remote Control Over Ethernet Radio Link

The Remote Control Over Ethernet Radio Link is a combination of two systems to provide control and monitoring from virtually anywhere.

Both the Remote Control Unit and Webwatch systems are connected via wireless LAN. This allows remote communication from a laptop and from the Remote Control Unit.

SLF83323 SE System remote control over ethernet radio link