SC1000 DGPS Transmitter

SC1000 DGPS TransmitterThis Differential GPS transmitter has carrier power adjustable from 50 to 1000 watts. The transmitter uses switching technology in the power amplifiers and modulator regulator modules resulting in a highly efficient system in a relatively small package.

The exciter portion consists of an interface for a 283.5 kHz to 325 kHz input signal (0-15) dBm and a monitor circuit.

The power portion of each transmitter consists of two independent 1000 watt systems. Each system has an output filter, a switching power amplifier, and switching modulator/regulator. The RF output of each system is combined to provide a 1000 watt signal to the Antenna Coupler.

The SC 1000 USCG consists of two independent SC1000 USCG transmitters, an Automatic Transfer Unit / RSIM Controller, and DC to AC inverter designed to be housed in a single 19-inch rack cabinet.

This control mechanism uses RSIM commands that allow the unit to control up to 24 external devices, through relay contacts, and has the ability of monitoring up to 40 external devices such as intrusion alarms, temperature and humidity sensors.

The RSIM Controller also provides continuous monitoring of critical parameters such as Forward and Reflected Power, Power Amplifier Voltage and Current, and Battery Voltage.

This unit works in conjunction with the PV1000 Antenna Tuning Unit.

The 144VDC to 122VAC Inverter may also be used with this transmitter.

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