Specification Sheets

Part Number Description
SD0M0001_A  SLF83301 Ethernet to Leased Line
SD0M0002_A  SLF30602 SC500 DGPS Transmitter
SD0M0003_A SLF83303 (single mode) / SLF83308 (multi-mode) Ethernet to Fiber Optic Converter SM/MM, SE Series
SD0M0004_A  SLF83304 Ethernet to Radio Link
SD0M0005_B  SLF10027 90 ft. Low-Power Symmetrical T Antenna
SD0M0006_B  SLF10027 200 ft. Low-Power Symmetrical T Antenna
SD0M0007_B  SLF10027 60 ft. Low-Power Symmetrical T Antenna
SD0M0009_B  SLF10027 120 ft. Low-Power Symmetrical T Antenna
SD0M0010_B  SLF10063 200 ft. High-Power Symmetrical T Antenna
SD0M0011_B  SLF10063 90 ft. High-Power Symmetrical T Antenna
SD0M0012_B  SLF10063 120 ft. High-Power Symmetrical T Antenna
SD0M0013_B  SLF10068 10m Fiberglass Whip Antenna
SD0M0014_A  SLF83314 Ethernet Land Line Dial-Up
SD0M0015_A  SLF83315 Ethernet Extender Modem
SD0M0017_A   Aviation Obstruction Lights - Mast Antenna
SD0M0018_A  SLF83357 / SLF83367 Timer Panel SE125
SD0M0020_D  SLF20020 PC-3000 Antenna Coupler
SD0M0021_A   SuperAWOS
SD0M0022_B  SLF83322 RCU RS-485 to Ethernet Serial Server Medium, Offshore
SD0M0023_A  SLF83323 SE System Remote Control Over Ethernet Radio Link
SD0M0024_A  SLF30524 SC200 DGPS Transmitter
SD0M0025_A  SLF30213 DS410 Transmitter
SD0M0026_B  SLF33030 SE250 NDB Transmitter – Rack Mount
30 ft. Low-Power Symmetrical T Antenna
SD0M0028_A  SLF30508 SA100 Dual with Remote Capability NDB Transmitter
SD0M0031_A  SLF20030 PC-.5Kilo Antenna Coupler
SD0M0032_A  SLF20032 PC-1Kilo Antenna Coupler
SD0M0034_A   SE vs SA Series
SD0M0035_A  SLF20035 PC-1Kilo USCG Antenna Coupler
SD0M0037_A   Ethernet Connection Options - NAVTEX
SD0M0038_A  SLF30501 SA100 Single – IP66 EC
SD0M00039_A  SLF30005 SA100 Single – Panel Mount
SD0M0040_A  SLJ61740 Test Equipment Kit
SD0M0041_A  SLF30526 SA100 Dual – IP66 EC
SD0M0042_A  SLF10075 10m Fiberglass Whip Antenna - Land
SD0M0043_A   Offshore RCU Connection Options
SD0M0044_A   Offshore Web Watch Connection Options
SD0M0045_A  SLF10099 Site Test Equipment
SD0M0046_A  SLF400XX* MR-5 Monitor Alarm Receiver
SD0M0047_A  9C310000 Battery Charger SE
SD0M0048_A  SLF83360 Remote Control Over Ethernet Extender for Land
SD0M0049_A  SLF83361 Remote Control Over Ethernet to Leased Line Modem for Land
SD0M0050_B  SLF20050/C3 PC-1000C3 Antenna Coupler
SD0M0051_A  SLF20051/H3 PC-1000H3 Antenna Coupler
SD0M0052_A  SLF20052/M3 PC-1000M3 Antenna Coupler
SD0M0053_A  SLF10101 Site Test Equipment – High Power
SD0M0054_A  SLE52000 Lightning Rod Option: Sym T Antennas
SD0M0055_A SLF83303 (single mode) / SLF83308 (multi-mode) Ethernet via Fiber Medium - Offshore
SD0M0056_A SLF83303 (single mode) / SLF83308 (multi-mode) Ethernet via Fiber Medium - Land
SD0M0057_A  SLE33103 – SLE33106 Remote Control Unit - Desktop
SD0M0058_A  SLF30509 SA100 Dual with Remote Capability NDB Transmitter, EC
SD0M0059_A  SLF10102 Site Test Equipment – Low Power
SD0M0060_A  SLF10103 Site Test Equipment – High Power
SD0M0062_A   SLF50900 Spares Kit – SE125 Recommended Site
SD0M0063_B  SLF10063 60 ft. High-Power Symmetrical T Antenna
SD0M0068_B   SE125 with 10m Fiberglass Whip Antenna 
SD0M0080_B  SLF10080 40 ft. Mast Antenna
SD0M0190_A SLK49190 Installation Kit 
SD0M0202_A   SLF20200 PV3000 – Antenna Tuning Unit 
SD0M0311_B  SLF10085 50 Ohm, 1000W Test Load 
SD0M0336_A   SLE33088 Remote Status Indicator
SD0M0337_A   SLF53306 Spares Kit – SE250 Recommended Site 
SD0M0338_B   SLF33800 Transportable NDB System 
SD0M0601_A   SLF30601 SC1000 DGPS Transmitter 
SD0M0833_A    Ethernet Connection Options 
SD0M0834_A   SLF83400 Battery Charger SE500/SE1000 
SD0M1000_A    Support Towers - Symmetrical "T" Antennas
SD0M1001_B  SLF10001  120 ft. Mast Antenna
SD0M1002_A  SLF10002  50 ft. Mast Antenna 
SD0M1003_A  SLF10003  50 ft. Mast Antenna High Wind 
SD0M1005_B  SLF10005  90 ft. Mast Antenna 
SD0M1014_C  SLF10014  34 ft. Mast Antenna - Land
SD0M1015_B SLF10015  34 ft. Mast Antenna - Offshore 
SD0M1022_C SLF10022  Helipad Antenna 
SD0M1023_C  SLF10023  Helipad Antenna to CAP437 
SD0M1057_A  SLF10057  60 ft. Mast Antenna 
SD0M1064_A  SLF10064  Antenna Simulator 
SD0M1066_B  SLF10066  145 ft. Mast Antenna 
SD0M1074_A  SLF10074  8m Fiberglass Whip Antenna 
SD0M1082_A  SLF10082  Diamond Portable Antenna 
SD0M1084_A  SLF10084  50 Ohm, 200W Test Load 
SD0M2000_A    Ethernet and Remote Control Unit Connection Options 
SD0M3390_A SLE33090  Remote Control Unit 
SD0M3402_A  SLF34002  SE500 NDB Transmitter – Rack Mount 
SD0M3502_B  SLF35002  SE1000 NDB Transmitter 
SD0M3700_A  SLF37000  NAVTEX Transmitter SV1500 
SD0M3701_A  SLF37001  NAVTEX Transmitter SV3000 
SD0M3901_A  SLF39001  DGPS Transmitter SC3000 
SD0M3902_A  SLF39002  DGPS Transmitter SC1500 Dual, One Rack 
SD0M3904_A  SLF39004  DGPS Transmitter SC300 Dual 
SD0M4000_A  SLF400XX* MR-5 Monitor Alarm Receiver – Desk Top 
SD0M4004_A  SLF400XX MR-5 Monitor Alarm Receiver – Rack Mount 
SD0M4008_A  SLF40008  MR-5 Loop Antenna 
SD0M6000_A   Training Installation Sheet 
SD0M7000_A    Aviation Obstruction Lights - Mast Antenn
SD0M8000_B    Aviation Obstruction Lights - Symmetrical "T" Antennas 
SD0M8330_A    Remote Control Unit Connections Options
*XX replaced when frequency is assigned at time of purchase