SAC and Local Partner, Three D, Awarded NDB Project for AAI

Brooks Goodhue

Southern Avionics announces a procurement of QTY Fourteen 500 Watt NDBs by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).  The complete supply includes Antenna Tuning Units, Remote Control Units, Remote Status Indicators, Test Equipment, Spares and Test facility.

Training, Technical instruction and Factory Acceptance Tests will also be provided.

All equipment will be shipped within 6 months and will be installed at the following Sites:  Kota, Kandla, Dimapure, Bhuntar, Keshod, Agati; Pondicherry, Salem, Agartala, Pant Nagar, Diu, Orvakal, Songarh; Prayag Raj.

SAC has been working closely with local partner Three D Integrated Solutions.  The Three D staff, especially Bhupendra Kumar and Nandy Bhatia, have been instrumental to our success.  Three D have proved themselves to be highly sophisticated and true partners on the coordination of this project.

se500Along with all SE NDB Transmitters, the SE 500 NDB Transmitter uses state of the art technology, including powerful Renesas Microcontrollers and Analog Devices Direct Digital Synthesizers, to provide accurate beacon signals in power levels from 50 Watts to 500 Watts Carrier power.  All Series transmitters provide simplified set-up & maintenance procedures, comprehensive BITE, and full ethernet capability accessible by both internal and external RJ45 connections.

The SE series further includes built-in WebWatch software.  WebWatch enables the user to control and monitor the transmitter on a laptop or PC.  Users can configure the IP address of SE series transmitters via DHCP or manual entry.

pv1000 (1)


The PV1000 Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) is an integral component of the system, providing automatic adjustment for both reactive & resistive changes in the environment.  The PV1000 is designed to match between 300 to 1500 pF and 2 to 39 Ohms in the 190 to 535 kHz frequency range, and RF input is 1000 Watts continuous, 2000 Watts peak.



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