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Southern Avionics Field Engineers are available worldwide for offshore drilling rigs, platforms, deep-sea vessels, and land installations to perform the following services:

  • NDB and DGPS Maintenance 
  • Onsite Assistance
  • Testing & Inspection
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Training
  • Technical Support
  • Installation 

In-house Services:

  • Telephone Assistance
  • PCB Repair or Replacement
  • Testing 
  • Training 

Our certified field engineers have valid passports, relevant health certificates, and necessary worker’s compensation and liability insurance, and work in every type of environment. Our field service staff is trained to provide the same high quality of service that Southern Avionics builds into all of our products.

Southern Avionics implements turnkey projects, provides equipment, participates in commissioning and inspections, and provides entire project management wherever our customers need our expertise. We have representatives worldwide, positioned to reach clients swiftly and provide any necessary service on our equipment.

Southern Avionics conforms to ISO 9001 standards, and our field service staff is fully committed to delivering the same high quality service that we put in our product manufacturing.

Onsite Assistance

» Installation

» Testing & Inspection

» NDB Maintenance



Technical Support

» Request Technical Support

Equipment Support

» Training Events & Courses


Direct: 409-842-1717
Fax: 409-842-2987


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