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IP66 Cabinets & Enclosures

SAC equipment cabinets carry a rating of IP66, keeping your electronic equipment dust-tight and dry in the strongest storms to provide maximum security against equipment damage.

Ingress Protection (IP) tests rate electronic enclosures based on their ability to protect equipment from materials that can damage electronics. The first number refers to the level of protection against solid foreign objects, and the second number refers to the level of protection from water and other liquids.

Ingress Protection – IP Codes 

First Number: Protection Against Solid Bodies 

  • 0 No protection
  • 1 Protects against objects larger than 50 sq mm
  • 2 Protects against objects larger than 12 sq mm
  • 3 Protects against objects larger than 2.5 sq mm
  • 4 Protects against objects larger than 1 sq mm
  • 5 Provides limited protection against dust
  • 6 Dust tight

Second Number: Protection Against Liquids 

  • 0 No protection against liquids
  • 1 Keeps out vertically dripping water
  • 2 Keeps out water dripping at 75-90 degree angle
  • 3 Keeps out sprayed water
  • 4 Keeps out splashed water
  • 5 Keeps out water jets
  • 6 Keeps out powerful water jets
  • 7 Withstands temporary immersion
  • 8 Withstands continuous immersion

Load Center/Battery Charger System

A battery charger is a sound investment in the security of your system during power failures.

The battery charger assures that the back-up battery always carries a maximum charge, so you can rest easy that unexpected power failures won’t shut down your system.

With a battery charger, you can rely on your transmitter, even when you can’t rely on the weather. Available for 144VDC and 24VDC.

Available for built-in panel mount or stand-alone for indoor or outdoor mounting.

Audio PWB for Voice Transmission

Allows external voice modulation.

Plug in PCB enabling external voice modulation, featuring:

  • Automatic gain control (prevents over-modulation) capture, -30dBm to +5dBm
  • Automatic keyer tone modulation level reduction
  • Bandpass filtering, 300 – 3000 Hz
  • Nominal user input of -17dbm @ 600 ohms for 95% modulation


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