SC Series Transmitters


The SC Series Reference Station Transmitter combines the reliability and cost effectiveness of low frequency radio transmitters with third-party DGPS equipment to transmit Differential GPS correction data.

The SC Series transmitter amplifies signals generated by an external GPS Receiver and Reference Station. The SC Series Reference Station also incorporates an integrity monitor that allows external monitoring and control of the system and associated electronics.  

The transmitter uses switching technology in the power amplifiers and modulator/regulator modules resulting in a highly efficient system. No additional software is required to monitor the SC Transmitter over the Ethernet.

Southern Avionics currently offers three models of the SC Series DGPS systems:




Carrier power adjustable from 50 to 1000 Watts


Carrier power adjustable from 50 to 500 Watts


Carrier power adjustable from 10 to 200 Watts



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