Testing and Inspection

Inspections Assistance

Our fully certified field engineers assist in inspections by the USFAA, the International Civil Aviation, and other agencies.

Flight Check Participation

Southern Avionics engineers participate in flight checks and provide solutions for any issues that develop.

Southern Avionics Factory Acceptance Test

Southern Avionics submits every unit to the most exacting factory acceptance test possible to insure you receive a unit that works out of the box and stays that way for many years.  Our experience building, testing, shipping, and installing thousands of NAVAIDs over our long history is distilled into these factory acceptance tests.

Site Acceptance Tests

Site Acceptance Tests are performed by our Factory Authorized field engineer. Estimated time on site is 3 days. Our staff will make sure the system is running at maximum performance before we depart. This is also a good opportunity for system operators to be familarized with the equipment.