Southern Avionics NDB and DGPS Installation

NDB UzbekistanAssistance

Our highly trained technicians assist customers on-site in the NDB or DGPS installation process. If requested, we work with a customer from the early stages of the project through completion. This includes installation of SAC antennas, antenna couplers, and connection systems.

Our fully certified field engineers have valid passports, relevant health certificates, and necessary worker's compensation and liability insurance, and have performed work in different environments around the world. Our field service staff is trained to provide the same high quality of dependable service that Southern Avionics builds into all our products.

Project Management

Southern Avionics also offers consultation during the installation process. Customers' staff perform the physical installation under the supervision of a trained and experienced technician for the entire installation process.

Range Calculations

Southern Avionics can also assist clients in range calculations to ensure optimal performance and the correct configuration of NDB, coupler, and antenna.