NDBs: Why You Should Invest in SAC's Products (Part 2)

Tara Trevino
NDBs: Why You Should Invest in SAC's Products (Part 2)

Welcome back to Part 2 of this blog on why you should invest in SAC's NDBs and related equipment.

If you are worried about investing in outdated technology, this article is for you.

The economically-based idea for phasing out NDB’s originated in the U.S. where the air navigation system is one of the most mature and advanced airspaces in the world.  That airspace has been updated over many years and employs NAVAIDs of the highest technology and installation density, so U.S. pilots and the FAA have a variety of high-end solutions available to them.

Due to the subsequent operating costs of the VOR/DME/ILS/NDB/AWOS/RADAR, etc., that U.S. FAA have to look after, they are reducing the funding for a limited number of NDB’s that they maintain and flight check.  Of course, there are still several hundred NDB’s at federal and non-federal airports throughout the U.S.

While the U.S. is relatively saturated with the best NAVAID equipment, the international community does not usually have this situation.  Non-Directional Beacons address the need to build and enlarge navigation infrastructure with an extremely low cost solution to instrument approach that is easy to maintain and provides decades of service.  For this reason, Southern Avionics continues to update the technology and product quality of our NDB systems.  We remain committed to providing the best NDB equipment available and to fully support all our customers.

Our goal is to make quality products available to our customers worldwide. We want to provide you with trustworthy means of communication and navigation. Let us quote your next project by sending an email to sales@southernavionics.com or request a quote here

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